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A pretty funny and pretty clever little series of gags. I'm glad you gave up on the voice-acting you used in previous shorts, it wasn't working out. Maybe some day you'll get some better recording equipment and some decent actors, but until then you're best sticking to silent movies.

Writing was a definite step up from earlier stuff as well. I don't know if it's a fluke, or if you've just learned over time, but this is the only short of yours I've seen that is both clear enough to make sense, and complex enough to be interesting. "Step sleeper" was too simple to be interesting, and "Do I smell Chocolate" was too obtuse for me to get the joke. But you nailed it on this one.

Your animation is good, not fantastic, but definitely easy on the eye. Maybe try to shoot for more fluidity, up your frame-rate a bit. Your art-style isn't quite there yet, I think. Where characters are concerned you probably just need more practice and more time to develop your style, but I think you're particularly at backgrounds and non-living objects. They're bland and frankly a bit half-assed looking, and your perspective is off in a lot of scenes. I'm not an expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I think they also tend to be very empty. A lot of empty space with not much to fill it up, which I guess is a composition problem.

So in summary I think this flash shows nothing but improvement over your previous stuff, but it's still lacking in a lot of areas.

3/5 | 7/10


I have no idea what that was about, but the animation was nice. Voice acting was verging on being annoying, but at least it sounded professional. I just don't really get what the joke was, or what the jokes WERE, or whatever the point of it was supposed to be.

LazyMuffin responds:

hahaha thanks

Not bad.

I don't think the joke really came across like you wanted it to, so that was a bust.

But nice artwork and animation, a definite improvement over your earlier stuff; although it's hard to tell when the most movement there is is a few dinosaur necks tilting slightly. Go for something more complex and detailed next time!

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Nice style, nice controls, although the camera was a little jumpy sometimes. Functional. Just not very fun. The puzzles are that kind of non-puzzle where you figure it out as soon as you walk in the room ("move the block form point A to point B" style puzzles), which makes carrying out the solution tedious. The combat got interesting when you were forced to fight multiple enemies at once, but it didn't happen very often. I played up to part way through the third area (with the telekinesis power) and then stopped because I realized I was bored.

Basically just a (nice) tech demo.

With lower-speed songs the gameplay is really only as much fun as the music. It would benefit from more complexity. Powerups, or maybe sometimes you have to dodge objects rather than catch them. An excuse to slap the spacebar now and again would be nice, maybe in service of Ikaruga-style polarity switching?

At higher speeds the game is unplayable. Whenever the stream switches direction (clockwise to counter-clockwise or vice-versa) your life drains to zero before you even realize what's happening. There are two solutions. One, you just accept that higher songs are more difficult and that you have to train on slower songs, and work your way up. This would be okay if slower songs were fun enough to make practicing on them fun. The other would be to find some balancing mechanic to separate difficulty from tempo - for instance, missing a beat could cost you less life on higher-tempo songs.

Also needs a pause button and a mute button for the main menu.

I don't agree that the randomness gets in the way of strategy - games with random elements can still be strategic. But I think the sheer size of the board makes it overwhelming. It's very hard to see how your first few moves are going to affect the endgame. A 10 or 15 tile board, maybe even just 5 tiles, could make for an interesting puzzle, since you could actually think several moves ahead.

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What's so special about it?

Sounds like the "Funk.mp3" sample track that came with some cheap Chinese mp3 player. Nothing special at all.


Kinda... generic... and not at the same time. It sounds just like a Metallica cover with some extra distortion on the instruments. It was kinda interesting at the beginning.

Cool vocals.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks. Generic means sell able. haha. ThankS!

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Well drawn

What exactly is she supposed to be saying? Is it supposed to be bad english?

HOLIMOUNT responds:

she freaking zizzlez man


...this is your FIRST acrylic painting? As in, first ever? Or that you'd already worked with other paints besides acrylic. Please tell me you're lying. You're either lying or a prodigy.

Besides that, giving it a six because it's so close to the original image.


I'm gonna give this a 3/10 because there's so little in it. And without a background or anything it looks very unfinished.

libarian responds:

Hah, yeah it does.

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